‘If Bergwijn returns to Ajax now, his foreign adventure has failed’

Wim Kieft is impressed by Steven Bergwijns performance in the shirt of the Dutch team. According to the former striker, prior to his transfer to Tottenham Hotspur, the offender could have faced an almost impossible competition. According to the columnist, a return to Ajax means a failure of his foreign adventure.
Kieft wonders if Bergwijn knew what he was signing for when he decided to leave for England.
Mountain wine knew naturally that in London they also had Harry Kane and Heung-Min Son walking around in the vanguard, writes the former international in his De CCEIT column. Those two are still of a different order than Mountain wine, they have also proven themselves internationally. So you know youre lower in the pecking order if you choose Spurs.โ€
Kieft believes that Bergwijn is primarily responsible for his reserve role with the Londoners.
Only, you werent impressed by all the times that Bergwijn was allowed to show up at Tottenham. It may be a little more, a bit bolder, a little more flair and certainly not so modest. What the international shows at Orange, the columnist describes as a revelation.
โ€œIt is very likely that this has to do with national coach Louis van Gaal.โ€ Finally, Kieft would not understand a summer transfer to Ajax. Whether going back to the Netherlands is the best solution? Without having anything against Ajax, is it better to play and succeed in the Premier League? If you go back to what you already know, your overseas adventure has failed.โ€