If Cruijff can go from Ajax to Feyenoord, I think why shouldnt this be possible?

Jan Streuer believes that the fierce responses to Robin Pröpper‘s move are a bit exaggerated. FC Twente’s technical director states that a transfer from Heracles Almelo to the Enschede club should ‘be able to’.
Pröpper‘s move caused raging reactions among the Heracles supporters. Pröpper was afraid of the responses. Of course, they are always there, Streuer tells us about that in conversation with the club channels of Twente. But if Cruijff can go from Ajax to Feyenoord and Wim Jansen too, then I think: why couldn’t this be possible?
Of course there‘s disappointment with fans when this happens, but it’s also part of the sport, Streuer continues. Pröpper spent five years at a club. Then it makes sense that he wants something different one time. Now he just happened to get to FC Twente, which is a bit annoying for him.

Twente does not have to pay a transfer fee for Pröpper because his contract in Almelo expired. The 27-year-old defender eventually came out five seasons for Heracles.