‘If Slot was stuck, you get questions about Feyenoord’

โ€œ Suppose PSV trainer Roger Schmidt says, โ€œIm going to Feyenoord or Ajax.โ€ Do you think Managing Director Toon Gerbrands says, โ€œFine, you finish the year here first?โ€ Thats not how it works.โ€

And so director of football business Max Huiberts on behalf of AZ could only say goodbye to Arne Slot. โ€œOf course it does something to me.โ€

It has not been officially confirmed yet, but according to AZ it is quite obvious that Slot will be the successor of Dick Advocate as head coach of Feyenoord from next season.

Very Wirk

โ€œ A trainer is free to talk to other clubs anyway. That is of course very strange,โ€ emphasises Huiberts. โ€œWe were only on the road nine games, maybe only seven at the time.โ€

Until two weeks ago, Huiberts had hope that Slot, who had an expired contract, would sign.

โ€œ We made Arne an offer in September. We had already indicated that we were satisfied and wanted to continue with him, so that wentโ€, says Huiberts. โ€œThen he told me he was going to leave at the end of the season.โ€

Led by Slot AZ was the last season shared first, when because of the coronapandemic suddenly a line went through. Despite some setbacks at the beginning of the new year, the Alkmaarders compete again on all fronts this season.

Click below Max Huibertss reaction to Pascal Jansens appointment:

โ€œ We wish everyone in the organisation to have full focus on AZโ€, is Huiberts sure. โ€œIf Arne had stayed here, youll get questions about Feyenoord every week.โ€

Direct competitor

According to Huiberts, it also plays a major role that Feyenoord is a direct competitor in the top division. What if he was negotiating with Bayern Munich? โ€œThat could be different.โ€

But then AZ would not have wanted to hear through the media that the head coach was in conversation with another party, as happened and with which Slot was confronted in the conversation with Huiberts.

โ€œ It was a fairly short conversationโ€, says Huiberts about the last contact with Slot. โ€œI could see by his facial expression that he didnt see it coming. We are talking about a trainer who has been successful, has put down good performance. In the end, its a surprise.โ€

Check out the reaction of Pascal Jansen, who replaces Arne Slot as head coach for the rest of the season: