If Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ goes to the movies, she’ll be added a special break

Zack Snyder said that if his version of Justice League goes to film, it will add a special break. We are talking about an interlude in the middle – a reception, which in the past was used periodically when showing long paintings. For example, it was at Gone by the Wind and many other tapes, not to mention the use of it in a conventional theater.

Snyder seems to have thought beforehand about those viewers who are frightened by the film‘s impressive time keeping at four o’clock. According to the director, if the tape is released in the cinema, it will be added to the same interlude for 10 minutes as a break.

Apparently, for her even specially wrote a separate melody – Junkie XL probably worked on it. Whether the tape will actually go to the cinema, and if so, in which countries – it is unclear.

Snyder himself seems to be calculating that will happen, but there is no exact solution yet. On HBO Max, the picture is released March 18.

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