‘If the KNVB is not looking forward, a second Ziyech-scenario will be announced here. ‘

Wim Kieft really does not understand the conduct of the KNVB. Young Orange coach decided not to select PSV‘er Mohamed Ihattaren for the upcoming European Championships, while Ihattaren was first tied for the great Orange.
A bad case, says Kieft. He doesn’
t understand that Van de Looi didn‘t bring Ihattaren in. ‘The federal coaches De Boer and Erwin van de Looi didn‘t even hear from them. That’s not how you deal with anyone, ‘says Kieft in his weekly column for De Cceit. ‘If the KNVB does not look out, a second Ziyech scenario will be announced here and he will be lost to Oranje. You can count on the Moroccan League to take immediate action.
Why isn‘t Van de Looi doing normal? Why doesn’t De Boer intervene? , Kieft wonders. ‘He is primarily responsible for the selections of Orange and Young Orange and should have ordered Van de Looi to select Ihattaren. You always take your best players with you, don’t you? Even if someone like that doesn‘t play for a while. Such a selection can give that boy the boost he needs. Jong Orange is the ideal stage for this. Now he doesn’t feel any trust from these federal coaches.
Van de Looi stated that he had to ‘make choices and his selection is matched. ‘What’s your own way of playing? Take him in front of the bank if necessary, make him feel like he belongs, drive him crazy, give him playing minutes if the stand allows, or turn him on sharp in case you have to force something against Germany. There is no empathy at all at Van de Looi and De Boer.
‘That defect is at the expense of Ihattaren now and possibly Oranje in the longer term. With a team like Jong Orange, the development of the individual player must be paramount and certainly with someone like Ihattaren, who has the potential to become an important player of the great Orange in the long run. ‘