If you hear that Feyenoord is training much harder now, its painful.

Jens Toornstra praises the role of trainer Arne Slot in the resurrection of Feyenoord. Nothing can be broken after the sensational 0-4 battle against PSV.
Slot makes its mark on Feyenoord, so much is clear. โ€œThat certainly has to do with it, but also the players we have right now. The trainer did some work,โ€ says Toornstra to the CCeit.Ronald de Boer is amazed by the intensity of Feyenoord. โ€œI love Dick Lawyer, but if you hear that theyre training many times harder now, its painful. Theyve made so much more meters,โ€ says Rondo at Ziggo Sport. โ€œThey also have other players,โ€ Mulder nuances. โ€œTil is a runner, Trauner is in the back and they have Aursnes. Thats players in the ashes. With those guests, they can throw in a lot more of the beech.โ€
โ€œFeyenoord also puts high pressure. Dick did see that that team couldnt do that, but the content and strength has improved,โ€ says De Boer. โ€œVan Gaal at the Dutch team, Ten Hag at Ajax and Slot at Feyenoord is good for Dutch football,โ€ says Marco van Basten.

๐ŸŒช They flew across the field at @Feyenoord this afternoon. @Marcovanbasten is thrilled. They sent a few lesser boys away, the guys who are in it now are guys who go in full! #RONDO #ZiggoSport pic.twitter.com/db5A5SAXTW
โ€” Ziggo Sports Football (@ZS_Voetbal) September 19, 2021