IGN revealed the first 15 minutes of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One

The release of the next installment of the series of adventure games about the life and investigations of Sherlock Holmes is coming up. And a recording of the beginning of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One‘s passage appeared on IGN channel. We can see the first fifteen minutes of the game.

The new game takes place in an open world for the first time in the series. Players have to decide for themselves where to go and where to look for clues.

And in addition to his usual disguise system, Holmes will master combat โ€” although he will rely not so much on weapons as on observation and savvy. assistant John Watson, a brilliant detective came up with another partner.

Jonathan acts as a contrast to Holmes and makes the story more lively and dynamic. In addition, Sherlock’s hidden character traits are visible: emotionality, sensitivity, vivid imagination and adventure.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One is released on 16 November on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series and Xbox One. More on Gamemania The FMV action Bloodshore released a full-fledged trailer for All in! Games no longer serves as publisher of War Mongrels Urban Strategy Sphere โ€” Flying Cities is out in early access.