IGN showed gameplay adventure role-playing The Way of Wrath

Animmal studio in Tbilisi, as we remember, successfully ran The Way of Wrath campaign on Kickstarter, and after its finale continued to raise money on its website, opening additional goals. Currently, the total โ€œpeople‘sโ€ budget for the game is approaching โ‚ฌ45,000. In 2022, the game will be released, initially available on Steam and GOG.

Over time, developers will release versions for consoles, including Nintendo Switch. But they will be made with money raised from PC-sales, so talk about the deadlines for now.

Meanwhile, IGN has a new exclusive trailer for The Way of Wrath. It showed gameplay inspired by real stories and superstitions from the past.

Players will play the role of the leader of a prehistoric tribe of the Early Bronze Age, and they must survive and preserve their tribe for ten days before the decisive battle. More on Gambling The VR version of Resident Evil 4 will return Mercenaries mode Rez creators recall the twenty years of the game’s life Ridley Scott blames the failure of the โ€œLast Duelโ€ apathetic millennials.