Ihattaren looks back on meeting with PSV: ‘That was a moment of: have’

Mohamed Ihattaren is very pleased with the collaboration with Alfred Schreuder. The playmaker emphasizes that apart from his trainer, he also gets a lot of love from others in his new environment.
“It doesnt matter who you are, what you do or where you come from. He knows exactly how to hit everyone”, Ihattaren starts his hymn to Ajax TV about Schreuder in his first interview since joining Ajax. According to the twenty-year-old outside player, Schreuder gives each player the attention they need. “You dont see that much with trainers. He really has a sense of that. I really like that.”
Especially against his former employer PSV, Ihattaren made his debut in the main force. Despite the defeat in the final of the KNVB Cup, he looks back with satisfaction at his first match in Ajax 1. “That was a moment that I thought: its just nice that I was able to play in the main force this year. Too bad about the result, but I did think: have it.”
The top fit Ihattaren is happy how he got on his way at Ajax. He notices that the people around him are satisfied with him. “The trainer is happy with me and you want to make those people even more proud. I
m just really happy that Im getting a lot of love here, especially at Ajax. Really a lot of love. Im just happy right now. I just feel like a person again, Im really happy about that.”