Ihattaren takes Jong Ajax by the hand, Brobbey, Taylor and Daramy also important

Mohamed Ihattaren showed up on The Toekomst on Monday evening. Together with Kenneth Taylor, Brian Brobbey and Mohamed Daramy, the creative Jong Ajax helped a big win over TOP Oss. Ihattaren was good for a front assist, a real assist and a nice hit.
Jong Ajax started with a particularly strong set-up on the match: Jay Gorter, Sontje Hansen, Taylor, Brobbey, Ihattaren and Daramy could all count on a base spot. Still, the Amsterdam mers were not good in the first minutes of the match: Jong Ajax was sloppy and TOP Oss got some good opportunities. However, they were not used, after which Ajaxs talents became stronger.
This resulted in the 1-0 after sixteen minutes of play: Daramy was floored in the sixteen of TOP Oss, Brobbey shot cool from eleven meters. Then Ihattaren and Taylor Jong took Ajax by the hand: the 2-0 came from the foot of the former, after a good assist from Ihattaren. Five minutes before rest, the midfielder rented from Juventus put the right panready on Taylor
s head: 3-0 was therefore the resting position.
In the second half, Ihattaren, who was still on the field at the time, got the hands of the Ajax audience together. The left leg shot the 4-0 against the ropes beautifully and that was received with cheers. When Ihattaren was changed not much later, he went to the side with loud applause.

Hes back: Mo Ihattaren with his first goal for Young @AFCAjax โšฝโœจ #๏ธ โƒฃ #JAJTOP pic.twitter.com/CaUl1rvDJV
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) April 4, 2022

In the last half hour of the game, relatively little happened, but in the last minute TOP Oss made the 4-1. Due to the victory, Jong Ajax climbs to fifth place in the Kitchen Champion Division. TOP Oss is now fifteenth.