“Ihattars in the crosshairs of criminals”

The Cceit has provided an update on the situation surrounding Mohamed Ihattaren. The born Utrecht judge has to deal with a serious security risk from the criminal environment, writes the morning newspaper. The threat is said to have to do with an Ihattaren love affair.
According to De Cceit, Ihattaren got into a relationship with a young woman who comes from the Utrecht area, his hometown. When the relationship leaked and the womans family learned about it, the Ajax player faced serious threats in his private sphere. According to the police, this comes from a criminal angle.
Ajax, Ihattaren himself and safety experts then entered into discussions with each other. As a result, it was decided that the left leg can no longer appear in familiar places. As a result, Ihattaren has been absent from Ajax for some time now. The parties involved needed more time for research and wanted to see if a cooling off period would help against the threat. It is not clear whether and to what extent the problems have now been resolved.
Earlier it became known that Ihattaren can no longer be seen at Ajax for the time being due to threats and intimidations. So now there is more clarity about the nature of the problem. For privacy reasons, the police and Ajax do not want to say anything about the current status of the Ihattaren threats, while De Cceit was unable to get in touch with the player
s agent.
In recent weeks, Ihattaren has been doing well in his career again, after a dark period. The youth international was fit and showed great things in the preparation. Meanwhile, Ihattaren hasnt played a duel for almost a month.