Ikumi Nakamura opened her studio in Japan

Renowned designer Ikumi Nakamura, who has worked on Okami, The Evil Within and GhostWire: Tokyo, spoke to Famitsu journalists and told some things about the work. The reason for the conversation was the early appearance in Rainbow Six Siege skins, which Nakamura invented, but much more interesting that a few months ago she established an independent studio in Japan. It now employs only two people.

The debut project will be something new – on its own intellectual property. Now production is just beginning.

Nakamura also told that she signed a contract with the American โ€œtalent agencyโ€ JJ Abrams Creative Artists Agency, thanks to which she managed to meet with lots of people and companies. Skins two Rainbow Six Siege operatives that Nakamura came up with.

They will appear on March 2. More on CCeit Suits from Cuphead will add to Fall Guys Daft Punk disintegrated – the duo released an 8-minute โ€œEpilogueโ€ For Sea of Thieves, a โ€œromanticโ€ update.