Il Sovrano Diamond Theft, Bonuses and Discounts โ€” Whats New in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online players have another bonus week this week: they have the opportunity to earn more RDO $ and experience for stealing Il Sovrano, get bonuses for the mode Go to arms and take advantage of attractive discounts. Before entering the exhibition, Il Sovrano will visit the town of Roads. It‘s worth twice as much RDO$ and experience for stealing it.

In addition, you can complete any Blood Money prospect (in the permanent squad) until October 18 to get a free ability card and 30% discount on weapons. The Nimble Shooter Club 4 launched last week โ€” and this week all entrants receive a luxurious Huntingdock coat.

also earn from โ€œTo Armsโ€ mode maps by protecting any settlement from enemy attacks. Players in the permanent squad gain additional club experience, and capital notes are issued for fighting off a certain number of assaults.

Players who returned to Red Dead Online on this get a nice bonus of 100 rifle and revolver rounds (you’ll have to wait 72 hours after logging in). And, of course, don‘t forget about the best discounts: Any rifle โ€” 30% off; Ammo brochures โ€” 40% off; Ability Card Upgrades โ€” 30% off; Any hats are 30% off; Mustang Horse 30% off.

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