Illegal bombs in residential areas

Criminal dealers in fireworks are exhibiting themselves in chat groups now that the fireworks ban is in force. Among other things, via the messaging service Telegram, arrows, pops and nitrates are offered in groups with often thousands of members.

Ordering is done by sending a private message. The police, who also knows and infiltrates these groups, cannot watch them. โ€œIt also reminds of drug trafficking,โ€ says police spokesperson Ellen Prummel of the East Netherlands region.

The illegal bombs are often stored in sheds and basement boxes in residential areas. Just last weekend, cops found 800 kilos in a storage room under an apartment in Geldrop. The police are calling people to report it if they see anything.

โ€œ You really dont want your neighbor to have hundreds of pounds of fireworks in his gazebo.โ€

The quantity found is greater than ever at this time of year. Especially in the East of the Netherlands, the counter is significantly up.