Illegal gold mine collapsed in Indonesia, multiple deaths

An illegal gold mine has collapsed on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. At least six people were killed. Theres still a search for a miner.

According to rescue workers, an unstable substrate caused the collapse. About 23 people were trapped under the rubble, say survivors. Emergency services pulled 15 victims out of the havoc. In addition, first three were found dead, all women. Later in the day, three more bodies of two men and a woman were found.

A large rescue team was deployed consisting of police, ambulance personnel, military and volunteers:

Searching for the deceased is difficult because of the hard-to-reach location of the mine. Also, the unstable subsoil gave the risk of landslides, said a spokesman for the rescue workers.

Illegal gold mines are more common in Indonesia. The risk of accidents is high due to landslides, floods or tunnels collapsing. In addition, miners use toxic substances such as mercury and cyanide to process gold ore. They often do that without protection.