Im barely dating and not involved with girls, just have to perform in PSV 1

Ismael Saibari looks back with satisfaction on his first period in the PSV main force. Under trainer Ruud van Nistelrooij, the talent promoted to the first team. However, Saibari is still waiting for his first goal (PSV 1).
About five years ago, Saibari was expelled from RSC Anderlecht because he was โ€œtoo lazy and overweightโ€. Against Voetbal International, the Moroccan international tells that he is now completely different in the game. โ€œI‘m not that active on Instagram, I don’t share a lot of private things either, it‘s football for me. That is no different in my personal life. When I get home, I watch football. Am I working on the game. It’s actually just football, soccer, soccer. (…) I‘m not a type who dates or is very concerned with girls. Not my thing. I am a quiet guy. When I get home, I rest and watch football on TV.โ€
His mentality has given Saibari a great season so far. However, he is still waiting for his first goal at PSV. โ€œUnfortunately, it hasn’
t worked out yet, but I‘m not worried, it will come naturally. In the beginning, I was forced to do it. But the boys told me to let it go. Because if it’s too much in your head, it just doesn‘t work. Besides, I didn’t expect to play so much by now. This is all bonus. On the other hand, this is PSV 1, if you play in it, you just have to perform. I am satisfied with my game, now the return is yet to come.โ€