“Im full of emotion. We just got demoted, what should I say?”

Heracles Almelo technical director Rob Toussaint is deeply saddened by the clubs relegation. The board member speaks of a major drama after the 1-3 defeat against Excelsior.
A drama for the whole club, Toussaint crosses from shore opposite ESPN. In Kralingen, Heracles already lost 3-0, so it was known that the return would be a heavy task. We have pulled out all the stops over the past few days to get a change. In the first half, you have a bit of hope, but if it is there right after rest, everything flows away.
The technical director states that the whole season has been difficult. Heavy sucks. Apparently, the poison cup had to be completely empty. Where it went wrong? That
s what you see in the last games. Toussaint refuses to go too deep into the future prospects for the club. Im full of emotion. We just got demoted, what should you say?
He points to the pain of the supporters, sponsors and other employees who have been working for the club with soul and bliss for years. Toussaint has also been working at Heracles for fifteen years. This is just coming really hard. These are sledgehammer blows.