“Im not saying Mvogo is a bad goalkeeper, but its PSV, isnt it?”

Joop Hiele thinks PSV is doing well to bring Joël Drommel in as soon as possible. The former top goalkeeper thinks the current goalkeeper of FC Twente is a better option under the Eindhoven bar than Yvon Mvogo.

According to Hiele, the fact that PSV has reported for Drommel proves that the club leadership thinks the same way as he does and that the goalie from Bussum will get opportunities. They approached him for nothing, says the now 62-year-old ex-international to Eindhoven‘s Dagblad. He is of course a lot further than Kjell Scherpen, for example, when he went to Ajax.
Mvogo, the goalkeeper who is now under the bar at the Philips Stadium, could not yet please Hiele. He didn’
t convince me one hundred percent. He was picked up for his playing skills, but he managed to hide them nicely. It‘s not a bad goalkeeper, I’m not saying that, but it‘s PSV, isn’t it? Against the qualities Lars Unnerstall has, I do not think he has offered a lot of added value.
According to the former goalkeeper, Drommel can therefore reach a higher level than the Swiss. On the line it was okay what Mvogo did and if he did have the time, it usually looked good at the ball. But this level should also be able to have Drommel in the house. In addition, he can also continue to grow.