‘I’m sorry I haven’t been able to make my debut for Ajax yet. ‘

Enric Llansana regrets that he hasn‘t made his debut in Ajax’s main power yet. The auditor and defender, who extends his contract in Amsterdam for two years, was already in the selection of the main power several times.
โ€œI‘m sorry I haven’t been able to make my debut yet,โ€ Llansana tells in conversation with Ajax‘s club channels. โ€œAt one point I was annoyable, yes. But I just have to keep working hard for that.โ€
Llansana did have been in the selection of Ajax’
s first team several times. In that he noticed one big difference from Jong Ajax. โ€œWhat I noticed is that everyone is very serious at first. Even more than Jong Ajax. Everyone just wants to win and tackle each other harder.โ€
Llansana later asks what Ajax‘s plans are with him for next season. โ€œI’m going to go to De Lutte (the first training camp Ajax will invest in the preparation, ed.) and I have to prove myself there,โ€ says the man with Spanish roots. โ€œI hope to stay first, of course. Otherwise I want to play my games at Jong Ajax. Now I have a few more weeks of training so I can get back in full fit.โ€