Images of hammered pigs in British stable

In Britain, images from a Scottish pigsty have been shocked. It shows that pigs are killed in an unnecessarily horrific manner.

Employees of the stable in northeastern Scotland beat to death a pig with a hammer on the head. In other shots you can see how piglets are beaten against a concrete floor. Also, sows can be seen with serious injuries, such as organs hanging from the body. The images were made secretly, the Animal Equality UK action group published them on Thursday.

The owner of the barn was on the board of Quality Meat Scotland, an organization that promotes meat and wants to set a certain standard for pig farmers. When the farmer saw the footage from his stable, he withdrew from the organization, writes The Times.

Quality Meat Scotland has started an investigation into the images. โ€œAnimals must be treated with respect,โ€ the organization says. โ€œPigs that do not die by the normal method must be euthanized quickly and humanely by trained and competent persons.โ€

The British Pig Industry Association calls the images totally unacceptable and is also conducting an investigation.

Cheap meat

The Scottish Farmer newspaper writes that, according to other Scottish farmers, the images are โ€œa smear on the whole industryโ€, which already has an image problem. A farmer and veterinarian argues that it is also a problem that supermarkets, governments and consumers put ‘extreme pressure’ to produce cheap meat. โ€œIn the frayed edges of industry, this can lead to this kind of unacceptable behavior.โ€

A well-known meat distributor and supermarkets Lidl and Tesco have immediately broken links with the company where the abuses were filmed. The Animal Equality action group calls the images an example of another company that โ€œpromises high well-being, but ignores the rulesโ€. The Action Group calls for better controls and stricter regulations on pigs.