Images The Voice quarrel Waylon and Ali B leaked

Although a fight between Ali B and Waylon has been banned to the realm of fables, a video leaked on social media on Wednesday evening shows that there has been a sharp altercation between the two coaches of The Voice.

The footage shows that Ali has a strong leatherette against his The Voice colleague. For example, the rapper calls his colleague a ‘dirty little man with a big beak’. An employee of the talent show had to intervene to escort Ali back to his red chair.

Ali does not want to talk about the content of the discussion. โ€œWe did not agree on something and are both emotional guests. Albert Verlinde claimed it was physical, but it all remained verbally ‘Ali Verbali’,โ€ says Ali to RTL Boulevard.

โ€œ Waylon and I have been through this before. We‘re emotional brothers, and we just got married for that matter. Afterwards, we hug each other.โ€

The rapper adds, โ€œThis is the last thing I said, and I’m not going to say anything more about it.โ€ He says he‘s more on his hat from now on. Ali is annoying that the footage has been leaked.

Furthermore, the rapper will say nothing more about it, but according to him there is nothing wrong between him and Waylon. The two have โ€œlain about it today.โ€ On the question of De Cceit to RTL Wednesday evening, the station again says: โ€œThe coaches of The Voice of Holland sometimes have a solid discussion with each other, they do not always have to agree. That also keeps it interesting for the viewer. But it is pertinent untrue that Ali and Waylon have gone together.โ€ Previously, the rumor was that the two would have had a brawl round.

On Wednesday, Ali shared a photo on Instagram giving Waylon a hug. Do not believe the lies,โ€ he wrote at the snapshot.

It is not the first time that the coaches of the program hit the fire. Anouk and Lil’ Kleine had a little bit together in 2019.