‘Imagine that 30,000 people could be at the European Championships in the arena. ‘

Gijs de Jong, tournament director of the KNVB, is pleased and relieved that supporters can be present at the Johan Cruijff Arena during the European Championships next summer. De Jong has always thought that supporters could be present, he says.
Wednesday it was announced that 12,000 fans are expected to be present at the EK matches in the Arena. โ€œYes, thats a nice feelingโ€, responds De Jong in conversation with the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œWe have been talking with each other for a long time, always with the ministry and the municipality of Amsterdam at the table, and with people from the UEFA and the Johan Cruijff Arena. That was so constructive, that we never really doubted that it was going to work. But it is nice when there is a formal agreement โ€” of course, subject to extremely disappointing developments around the virus.โ€
If possible, the KNVB, the cabinet and the municipality of Amsterdam want to receive 12,000 fans anyway. The hope is that more supporters can go in, also at De Jong. โ€œWe have to wait and see that, but we hope so,โ€ says the tournament director. โ€œAt the Netherlands – Latvia there were 5,500 people last week, which was already a relief from an empty stadium. Imagine that 20,000 or 30,000 people will be feasible later. That would be really great. Against Latvia, the rapid tests went very well, that offers a lot of perspective. We understand that we are asking for a sacrifice from the audience, but by testing you will soon be able to lose significantly more people.โ€