Immaterial damage compensation earthquakes Groningen up to 5000 euro

It was intended that the fees would be paid from November onwards, but the IMG is now thinking about the first quarter of 2021. According to the institute this is partly because more time is needed to process questionnaires digitally.

Wiebes speaks of “a personalized compensation system that takes into account the personal circumstances of the individual resident as much as possible and at the same time is accessible and simple”. According to the IMG, this refers to damage a person suffers in the form of pain, sorrow, loss of enjoyment of life or mental suffering

Wish from the Chamber

The Lower House of Parliament recently asked the government to prevent the affected Groningers from “being dragged into legal proceedings” if they want to be compensated for their immaterial damage. Wiebes writes that the IMG will not make things too difficult for the people and that this is in line with the wishes of the House of Representatives.

According to the Minister, the fees are in accordance with what is customary in the Netherlands and with earlier judgements.