Immediately several insiders hint at Dead Spaces return

At once, three insiders with a good reputation hinted very unequivocally that EA is preparing to return Dead Space โ€” in what form, true, so far the big question. Jeff Grabb hinted at the same a few months ago, noting that EA Motive is working on the famous EA series โ€” โ€œit will please fansโ€, and it‘s not Mirror’ ; s Edge. And, it seems, this is a new part, not a remaster of the trilogy – perhaps a mild relaunch of the God of War type.

What should have become Dead Space 4EA can give Dead Space a new chance against the background of the success of all the latest parts of Resident Evil – for example, the seventh part in 4 years managed to sell with a circulation of over 9 million copies, which is actually a record for horroros as a whole. The remake of the second part is not much behind – it already has 8.

1 million copies in 2 years. The trio of insiders today were Shinobi602, Windows Central editor Jez Corden and host of the XBoxera podcast under the nickname Shpeshal_Nick.

However, we should not expect a quick announcement – at least at the upcoming EA Play. Creative Head of Dead Space and partially Dead Space 2 Glen Scofield is now working on spiritual heir horror in the person of The Callisto Protocol.

It will be released in 2022. More on Playism Playism took up the edition of the role-playing game The Good Life Hidetaki Suehiro Authors Guilty Gear -Strive- released an unusual live trailer Trailer Chernobylite rededicated Tatiane.