Impossible mission: Recordings Mission Impossible stopped again

Mission: Impossible 7 seems increasingly to be a truly impossible mission. Once again, the creators are faced with considerable delays as film recordings in the Middle East have been forced to shut down.

Recordings for the action film, starring Tom Cruise, have finally been in full swing in the Middle East in recent weeks, but production work has been stopped after people refused to work and demanded to return to the UK due to new coronameasures.

โ€œ There have been uprisings among the cast and crew,โ€ says an insider to The Sun. โ€œFor quite a few of them, the prospect of quarantine in a hotel in England is one step too far and they have demanded that they be flown home before the rules change.โ€ According to the source, a part of them has indeed flown back, causing a delay again. โ€œIt was hoped that filming in the UAE would offer some flexibility, but that changed when the UK closed its borders.โ€

Mission: Impossible 7, which includes Simon Pegg, Vanessa Kirby and Hayley Atwell, has been postponed several times because of problems caused by the coronavirus. Some of the staff would even feel that all is no longer worth it. โ€œMorale is really low and many of the younger employees who dont earn the big money just dont think its worth it anymore.โ€