Impossible to enter the Netherlands? Not quite

It becomes more difficult but certainly not impossible to come to the Netherlands from countries with dangerous mutations of the corona virus.

Starting tomorrow, travellers will no longer be able to fly to the Netherlands from the United Kingdom, South Africa, Cape Verde and almost all of South America. But in practice, travellers can bypass this by flying to neighbouring countries Germany and Belgium. There is no entry ban there.

โ€œ It is not impossible to go from these countries to the Netherlands via Belgium, but it is more difficult,โ€ says correspondent Thomas Spekschoor. โ€œTo fly to Belgium, you need to show a negative PCR test of up to 72 hours old. Furthermore, it is mandatory to register at the airport. You must fill out a Passenger Localization Form, on which you must place your place of residence, among other things.โ€


Travel via Germany is also possible, says correspondent Judith van de Hulsbeek. โ€œTravelers coming from areas with mutated viruses and very high levels of contamination must show a negative PCR test up to 48 hours of age.โ€ Registration is not necessary if you are travelling directly to another country. โ€œIf you are passing through, you do not have to quarantine in Germany and you are allowed to travel to the Netherlands.โ€

From both countries you can then travel to the Netherlands with the negative PCR test by train or bus. Once we arrive here, a quarantine is obviously mandatory.

Meet Policy

For travellers from the United Kingdom, the route to the Netherlands by train (Eurostar) or car via the Eurotunnel is the least cumbersome, says correspondent Tim de Wit. โ€œYou must have two tests in your pocket. In addition to performing a PCR test of up to 72 hours, you must also have a fast test of up to four hours old.โ€

Especially that quick test is a tricky extra bump. โ€œThat is a very clear policy of discouragement. Imagine if you want to take the train at seven oclock in the morning: it is already not possible to obtain such a quick testโ€, says De Wit. Of course, the obligation to quarantine once arrived in the Netherlands applies.