Impressive Raymond van Barneveld battles Sunday for Tour Card of PDC

For a moment there was a panic in German Niedernhausen. The second day of the European Q-School was startled by an alarm that went off in the darts room. All of a sudden, all the darters had to go out It didn‘t bother Raymond van Barneveld much Tuesday. ‘Barney‘ impressed and can compete for a PDC tour card on Sunday.

First he defeated Niko Springer with 6-3 (92.5 on average), then Dutchman Kristiaan de Boer had to believe in it, with 6-3. Barney already threw an average of exactly 100. In between at this party the alarm went off in the hall and all darters had to play their arrows lay down and go out.

After the unexpected break, Nico Kurz was the next victim of the Hagenaar: 6-3 with an average of 95.0. In the eighth final he finished with the Belgian Jeffrey Van Egdom: 6-2, and Van Barneveld increased his average to 101.2. In the quarterfinals, however, he found his Waterloo against Austrian Michael Rasztovits: 6-4. Barney’s average was 89.4, significantly less than in his other parties.

But it doesn‘t matter much, because due to his performance on Monday and Tuesday, he can’t escape the Final Stage anymore.

At the bottom of the ladder

Because Van Barneveld returns from his dart pension he has to start at the very bottom of the ladder. Via Q-School, Van Barneveld hopes to conquer a Tour Card, with which he can participate in various major tournaments and try to compete for the World Cup.

The Final Stage starts from Sunday and is directly about a tour card. If you win 1 out of 4 days, you will automatically be able to participate in all the major tournaments of the PDC for the next 2 years. In addition, a handful of cards remain for the players who play the most constant over the 4 days of the Final Stage.

By the way, the preparation for the tournament was far from flawless. Van Barneveld was startled on Sunday afternoon because the side façade of his house had collapsed.