Imprisonment for 39 deaths in a British refrigerated truck

Four people have to go to prison in Vietnam for the death of 39 people in a British refrigerated truck in October 2019. Those convicted are between 26 and 36 years old and have been given sentences ranging from 3.5 years to 7.5 years in prison.

The vehicle was found near London last year. In the hold were 31 men and eight women from Vietnam. They were suffocated in an attempt to enter the UK illegally.

Three other suspects have received suspended prison sentences. According to the court, the seven people are guilty of organising and carrying out illegal emigration.

The father of one of the deceased, his son was 20 years old, did not agree with the sentences. These people were just trying to help, but then this accident happened, said Nguyen Dinh Gia. By the way, the man did not know that the trial was on Tuesday. It was almost a year ago, but it still hurts a lot when I think about it

Most of the victims came from poor regions of Vietnam. A number of people were arrested in Europe because of the tragedy. The driver of the lorry and another man have confessed to being guilty of manslaughter.