In a fresh trailer, No More Heroes 3 recalled the whole story of the series

Marvelous Publishing House and Grasshopper Manufacturing Studio, represented by its founder, Goichi โ€œSuda51 Courts, hosted a live broadcast of No More Broadcasting 5. 1 GHm. She was dedicated to the upcoming premiere No More Heroes 3: the game is released on the Nintendo Switch on August 27.

In a specially released trailer, beauty Sylvia Kristel, who is sure to remember well fans of No More Heroes, conducts for us an excursion to the previously released games of the series. As we remember, No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle are already available on Nintendo Switch and, quite likely, will soon appear on RS and consoles.

As the authors of the game assure, knowledge of the plot is not it would take to get pleasure from No More Heroes 3. But familiarity with games about Travis Touchdown, including controversial spin-off Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, will provide additional impressions.

Eventually, in the footage shown of the future game, Travis fights side-by-side with Bad Girl and Shinobu. More on Gambling Authors Sword of Legends Online showed gameplay Former CD producer Projekt Red announced Gord Capcom revealed the Resident Evil Village map and the design of the main villain & mdash; Miranda mothers.