In Abriss we have to build to destroy

Berlin-based studio Randwerk Games has announced its debut project: the Abriss puzzle with relistic game physics. Developers wanted to move away from the usual cartoonish โ€œphysicalโ€ games and make the graphics stylish and โ€œadultโ€ . In Abriss we will have one task: build to destroy.

At each level we are waiting for a large-scale construction, which needs to be demolished. And to do this, we are building a structure of available materials, which should cause as much destruction as possible when falling.

At each new level, the stock of materials will change, and on some to the business will connect and the environment. Creative mode, level editor, photo mode and the ability to take GIFs are prepared for the game.

Abriss plans to release on Steam next year, at the end of the first quarter or early in the second quarter. More on Gambling Platform action movie Crossbow Crusade released on consoles Role simulator Farmers Fairy Tale released on Steam Dying Light 2 issued an age rating – in game enough sexual subtext.