In addition, Streets of Rage 4 will have to fight with artificial intelligence

Publisher Dotemu announced a story addition for Streets of Rage 4 called Mr. X Nightmare. The protagonists will begin an insane training with artificial intelligence, collected thanks to the surviving brain cells of Mr.

X – they can simulate any danger to future preparations for it. Players are waiting for Survival mode with weekly challenges, three new heroes, new enemies and weapons, as well as music Ti Lopes – he is best known for the soundtrack Sonic Mania.

In addition, players will have the opportunity to create unique combat styles. The release of Mr.

X Nightmare will take place before the end of the year, but players are waiting for a free update. More on CCeit PS5 already bypassed Wii U, PS Vita and Dreamcast in Britain The author of the scream โ€œMortal Kombatโ€ in the theme track did not know that it means Russia entered the top 5 movie rolling markets of the world for the beginning of 2021.