In Against the Storm, the downpour never stops

Polish studio Eremite Games is working on an urban planning simulator with elements of the Against the Storm bagel. And in his blog talks about some aspects of the game. In particular, about relations with other settlements.

During the game it is possible to establish connections with neighboring settlements. Depending on the biome, players will be allowed to choose which products to get from there.

Cargoes will arrive as long as we can pay for them. Their volume, assortment and quality depend on the size of the settlement.

In addition, the developers showed updated roads and a model of a female worker. In the game we can โ€œdrawโ€ improved roads right on top of the old ones, and there is no need to demolish them first.

And earlier, players presented a number of biomes in which the action of the game can take place: locations at launch are generated automaticly. In Against the Storm players will build and develop a city in the world where there is continuous rain, while controlling people, lashers or beavers.

And all construction strategies are aimed at minimizing damage from incessant showers. The game should be released on Steam this year.

The creators promise that all important decisions will be discussed with the community. This probably suggests that the game will first appear in early access.

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