In an extended passage, Venoma 2 showed the birth of Carnage

Sony has unveiled an exclusive excerpt of the sequel โ€œVenoma,โ€ which shows the transformation of maniac Cletus Cassidy (Woody Harrelson) into a Carnage symbiot. The video shows an entire scene in which Cletus, with the help of the symbiote forces, first escapes the death sentence and then goes in pursuit of one of the abusers, in parallel arranging to prison massacre. In addition, the films director Andy Searkis gave an interview to PlayStation Blog, where he talked about his work on the film.

Thus, the author planned to show differences in the movements of the symbiotes โ€” he wanted the viewer to feel the mass of Venom (Tom Hardy) and the workings of his muscles. The director called the hero himself โ€œan American football player crossed with a 200-pound gorilla and a killer whale.

โ€ While Carnage seems to embody madness and schizophrenia, moving strangely on four paws and using appendages as weapons. Karnage Sรถrkis compared to a squid and an octopus.

At the same time, the authors did not use motion capture technology in the process of creating symbiotes, preferring to use special dubbers and recording live acting. Venoma 2 will be released in Russia as early as tomorrow, September 30, at which time the review embargo will ease.

Apparently, this decision is not only due to the quality of the film, but also to the very spoiler-like scene after the credits, the description and footage of which have already been leaked online. More on Gamemania The release of Toy Soldiers HD postponed to October 21 New World has no plans to release on consoles The authors of Chernobylite talk about the upcoming add-ons.