In Assassins Creed Valhalla turned off a temporary event due to another bug

The next temporary event at Assassins Creed Valhalla did not go without problems โ€” many players after passing the Einheri bow test never received a reward. The entire community was required to get a certain number of headshots to open weapons, but bugs did not take into account progress, they simply did not issue a reward. The final solution will be to add onions as a reward in Ubisoft Connect.

After the last major update, players have already faced several problems at the Sigrblot Festival (they have had time to fix them) โ€” from someone taking control of character and someone couldnt interact with NPCs to activate jobs. By the way, next week, the second story addition, โ€œThe Siege of Parisโ€, will be released.

Developers will then continue to support the game with fresh content, including major expansions. This will last until at least the autumn of 2022.

In addition, Assassins Creed, which is a joint effort made by Montreal teams (Black Flag, Origins, Valhalla) and Quebec (โ€ Syndicateโ€, โ€œOdysseyโ€) will not be released until 2024 at the earliest. This will be the basis for all the brands upcoming games โ€” Assassins Creed Infinite.

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