In Ben Afflecks “Batman,” Planned to Kill Famous Heroes

Joe Mangagnello, who played the role of Defstrow in Zack Snyder‘s Justice League, shared new details of the canceled Batman movie. Earlier, the actor told that the mercee killed Bruce’s loved ones – apparently, it was about some popular heroes of the universe of the Dark Knight, who often appeared in movies and comics. The actor did not name the exact names, but among the possible candidates could have been Commissioner Gordon and someone from the Bet family.

Some also suggested that it was about Alfred. In particular, Mangagliello mentioned that the picture planned to make a scene of confrontation of Defstrow with Batman and Batgrel – and the villain easily defeated the heroes and they ran from the field combat.

It is possible that Batgirl was one of the potential victims of the marker. Not so long ago, fans campaigned on the networks in support of a project about a character for HBO Max, although whether something came out of it is unclear.

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