In Bloomberg interview, Blue Box chief continues to deny Abandoneds link to Kojima

In April this year, Netherlands‘ Blue Box Game Studios announced the cinematic horror Abandoned. Rumors soon spread across the net that Abandoned might be the new game of the Silent Hill series by Hideo Kojima. Previously, the famous Japanese game designer was already coming up with the fictional Moby Dick Studio and hiring actor to play the role of her head Joakim Mogren for the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Despite Blue Box Game Studios denying links to Kojima and Konami, which owns the rights to the Silent Hill series, rumors don’t subside. Users continue to find a variety of specs that confirm their theory.

In an interview with Bloomberg, the head of Blue Box Game Studios, Hasan Kahraman, whose surname translates from Turkish to Japanese as Hideo, if the Google translator is to be believed, once again tried to dispel all the rumors. Kahraman said he was a trained game developer, not an actor, and that people would still not believe his words, whatever he was Spoke.

According to Kahraman, the unknown company is clumsily trying to use the opportunity to capitalize on an unexpected burst of interest, but do so without alienating Sony or betraying advertising Agreement. Earlier rumors fueled a now-deleted Blue Box Game Studios tweet in which the company said Abandoned is the code name and the real name starts with the letter S and ends by the letter L.

Network users regarded it as an account of Silent Hill. Blue Box Game Studios says Abandoned employs more than 50 people, of whom 10 are studio employees and the remaining work in outsourced studios.

However, none of these are on LinkedIn except Kahraman himself. Previously, Blue Box Game Studios announced a PlayStation 5 app in which Abandoned trailers can be viewed as a demo, which renderates in real time.

This has never happened. In addition, The Game Awards and Summer Game Fest host Jeff Keeley said he would be involved in the Abandoned show.

Keeley is known for his friendship with Kojima and has already helped Japanese game designer with the announcement of new games, as well as interviewing that head of Moby Dick Studio. As Bloomberg notes, the 2015 Blue Box Game Studios tried to raise $12,000 on Kickstarter to develop the horror Rewind, but the campaign ended with fees of only $208.

Kahraman said then that the game would be financed by a private investor, but it never got out. In an interview, Kahraman said that Abandoned had been in development since 2017, but the concept changed frequently.

According to the head of Blue Box Game Studios, he brought Sony‘s attention after the failed Kickstarter. However, Jason Schreyer said he still had more questions after the interview.

For example, other members of the team were unable to provide an interview or comment. Also, Kahraman did not share details of the contract with Sony or name the investors.

In addition, the head of Blue Box Game Studios named two of the ten studios working on Abandoned outsourced, howeverboth refused to comment. At the same time, Kahraman said he planned to conduct a live broadcast answering questions where he would show team members.

Shortly after the release of the interview, a video appeared on the studio’s Twitter video in which Kahraman revealed himself and again denied all the rumors. Quick message from Hasan: pic.

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