In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare finale, Kevin Spaceys hero had to kill himself

Troy Baker told in a fresh interview that initially there was a different finale in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. By the end of the game the characters already pressed the character Kevin Spacey, but in the release version he died in a rather Hollywood way – being on the hair from death he asked the protagonist to help him, but he refused and discarded him from a high-rise building. However, initially everything had to end somewhat differently: being locked in an exo-suit, the protagonist held a gun in his high-tech prosthesis and pointed it at the head of the villain.

At this point, Spacey‘s character, in control of the technique, would begin to say something in spirit: โ€œEvery movement, to be effective, needs a martyr. I know what I’m doing.

โ€ After that, there was a shot โ€” Baker‘s explanation gives the impression that Spacey is giving the command to shoot the prosthesis. He ended up killing himself.

Players note that such a final is much more suitable for the villain, who was interfered with the whole game at control – and in the end, the only one who was able to kill him, became himself. As Baker points out, a similar ending was โ€œnot allowedโ€ to be made.

The ending, which eventually ended up in the game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare came out in 2014 – it was the first full-fledged game Sledgehammer, which was founded by the leading developers of the first Dead Space from Visceral. After releasing the second game, Call of Duty: WWII, they both left their own studio.

According to Baker, Spacey is a very talented actor who could show a superb acting with one double. At the same time, he did not like many moments when his character tried to make a more caricature Hollywood villain.

In one of the scenes after the first double, the actor was asked to say the phrase more aggressive and angrier, instead of the initial cold and calculating expression, which clearly upset Spacey. ‘After the double, he turned to me saying he now understands what kind of game we‘re making.

โ€œNeeeeeth,โ€ I thought to myself. At that moment, part of me died.

โ€ Commenting on the high-profile Spacey scandal, Baker notes that Spacey is far from the first and not the last. Many such creative people are constantly covered, so until it stops, this will constantly happen here and there.

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