In Call of Duty: Warzone began the Verdansk bombing event

The makers of Call of Duty: Warzone have launched the long-awaited Verdansk bombing event. It is divided into three โ€œmomentsโ€ . The first is happening right now, then at 7 am in Moscow there will be a fresh game update with the second stage (the beginning of the third season in Black Ops Cold War), and the final third moment will happen exactly in 24 hours – tomorrow at 22:00 Moscow time.

The first stage started with a unique playlist: โ€œDestruction of Verdansk: Part 1. It just needs to survive, while the dead become zombies and must destroy people before they escape.

Locations on the map are crossed out. Unfortunately, the developers could not calculate the load on the servers – matches fly out, people sit in line, and many simply can not find the game.

Verdansk blastplaylist of destruction of the city will be available for a couple of hours (or until midnight, or until 1 a. m.

). 23:00 MSK.

In Warzone there is a new playlist, where the action takes place on the map โ€œRenaissance Islandโ€ – according to the story its inhabitants have lost contact with Verdansky and try to understand that happens in the city. You can watch the event live on YouTube or Twitch – hundreds and thousands of people are broadcasting the event.

We will gradually supplement the publication as the situation in Verdansk changes. More on Gambling Apogee Software returns as the publisher of Residential โ€œHow I Met Your Motherโ€ decided to continue with Hilary Duff In the fresh video Life is Strange: True Colors paid attention to facial animation.