In CD Projekt held a meeting between creators and managers of Cyberpunk 2077

Yesterday inside CD Projekt held a meeting between angry developers Cyberpunk 2077 and company managers. In the article Bloomberg told about the main. First, representatives of CD Projekt RED apologised to the developers for the disastrous release and also promised to improve working conditions after a gruelling multi-month crancha for the games release this year.

Secondly, one of the developers asked why in January 2020 management declared โ€œCyberpunk 2077 readinessโ€ โ€” that it could be passed from start to finish. It was a lie though.

The representative of the management promised that management would take responsibility for these words. Third, a question was asked about the hypocrisy of CD Projekt management โ€” how can you create a game about corporate operation, in parallel with this expectation that the project team will work overtime.

There was no clear answer to the question. The publication also mentions the words of the former and current creators of Cyberpunk 2077, who said the same thing in one voice โ€” the deadliners of the leadership have always been unrealistic, and many it was obvious to the developers that the game needed more time.

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