In Days Gone 2 planned a co-op, and the original sold better than all Bend games

Days Gone director Jeff Ross took part in the podcast of Twisted Metal and God of War author Jeff Jaffe, where he told about plans for a sequel to โ€œLife Afterโ€ โ€” which, according to data from Bloomberg, Sony decided not to. Ross left Sony Bend a few months ago, in December, and during the podcast refused to confirm or deny the sequel‘s status: โ€œI don’t think publicly the status of Days Gone 2 was reported, so I do not want to become the primary source. โ€ However, Ross said that one of the ideas for continuing was to create a network environment for cooperative passage โ€” initially they wanted to implement the coop in the first part, but in the end from the idea abandoned in favor of a more organic narrative.

In general, the first Days Gone was looked at as a platform, thanks to which it was possible to create a โ€œpowerful sequelโ€, eradicating the key problems of the original – everything about them in the studio well knew. โ€œDays Gone sold better than all Sony Bend games combined.

She is successful in that vein, and in community and player response. But critics.

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yeah, it was โ€œLanding on Normandy. โ€ A real massacre.

โ€ In addition, Ross noted that Days Gone budget was significantly exceeded, but the game proved profitable. Other details of the gunman‘s financial side were not told.

Ross confirmed certain information from Bloomberg material – for example, that Bend recently helped Naughty Dog. The article reported that Bend was working on the online The Last of Us: Part II and did Uncharted under the supervision of ND – from the latter, however, eventually abandoned in favor of their own project.

Now Jeff Ross is working with the creators of Mortal Kombat and Injustice at NetherRealm studios. More on Igamania Insider: Resident Evil 9 will be the finale of Ethan’s trilogy and the last number of the Card Bagel Trials of Fire came out on Steam Chapter Ice-Pick Lodge accused of pedophilia, libel suit now filed.