In-depth research on ‘Messi-leak’ near Barcelona: ‘We will know’

FC Barcelona is going to investigate a leak inside the club. Lionel Messi‘s contract details leaked out, and the club would like to know who disclosed that sensitive information.

The Spanish newspaper El Mundo had a huge scoop a few weeks ago and shared all the details of Messi’s contract at Barcelona. It would raise more than EUR 555 million in four years, and the commitment contained some 70 pages of various clauses. The club was devilish and trainer Ronald Koeman had it noted that โ€œsomeone who leaks this has no future at the club.โ€
Several accusations have been made in recent weeks, including against former club president Josep Maria Bartomeu. He denied leaking the details, but Barcelona is now going to investigate the incident in depth.
Carles Tusquets, interim president at Camp Nou, is determined to find the perpetrator and is already exonerating himself. โ€œThe details of the contract did not come out of the Barcelona boardroom, because no one has ever asked for it,โ€ he says to Deportes Cuatro. โ€œWe have opened an investigation within the club and will know who passed this information.โ€