In Destiny 2, the “Chosen” season begins a week later. What awaits the Guardians?

Bungie announced Destiny 2‘s next season — The Chosen One. It will start on February 9 and runs until May 11. According to the story, the leader Kabal Empress Kayatl seeks to make new alliances, but after unsuccessful negotiations with Zavala, the situation heats up, and the Guardians will have to play a special role in the fight against the gaining power of the military council of the empire.

Players are waiting for: Battlefields mode – tasks for three, where to enter into ritual battles with selected fighters Kayatl; return of strikes from the first Destiny & mdash; The Devil’s Lair and S. A.

B. E.

R. of the Fallen; during the season, Arena of Proof strike will be added, where humanity will be engaged in a decisive fight for Last city.

Owners of the season pass will receive a set of armor Prefect and exotic bow Soothed Tikuu – he simultaneously produces several solar arrows for different purposes. In addition, players will be able to unlock more than 25 types of exotic, legendary and ritual weapons.

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