In development is an animated series in the world “From Dusk to Dawn”

Robert Rodriguez said that an animated series in the universe of his film From Dusk Till Dawn was launched into development. The director told that the rights to the project still belong to him with Quentin Tarantino, and the director would gladly expand the mythology of the tape for his television network. Apparently, the animated series will not repeat the plot of the film and series based on the motives, but will tell its own story.

Probably, the project is developed for an adult audience, although at the moment it is only assumption — details are not yet known. The original tape was published in 1996, and the story narrated the story of two brothers who, after a bank robbery, take several people hostage and hide in one of the bars by the road.

But the institution turns out to be a refuge of monsters, and the whole event quickly turns into a bloodbath. The same name series based on the tape started in 2014, lasting three seasons on air.

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