In development, The Last of Us 2: Part II was greatly helped by InFamous: Second Son

The development of PlayStation 4‘s main exclusive, The Last of Us 2: Part II, was not without the help of the platform’s first exclusive, InFamous: Second Son. This was told in a recent interview with Game Informer by Naughty Dog co-presidents Neil Drackmann and Evan Wells. โ€œAt the very beginning of the development of The Last of Us 2: Part II, we knew that events were going to be happening in Seattle, and we knew that Sucker Punch modeled this city for InFamous: Second Son.

We said, ‘We’re not going to use assettes in the game, but we want to have an idea of the place, so can we use your material? โ€œAnd they said, โ€œOf course. โ€ And they sent everything you need.

We were able to work through the environment quickly. This has been a great help for us.

โ€ Using other people‘s assets early in development is a frequent practice in the gaming industry that saves a lot of time. But this isn’t the only time Sucker Punch has come to Naughty Dog‘s rescue.

Neil Drackmann said that The Last of Us 2: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima features the same animation of the horse’s movements. Studios decided to record mothion capture together, as working with big animals is not easy.

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