In DLC for Watch Dogs: Legion recreated the corridor from P.T.

The other day came out the story supplement โ€œLegacyโ€ (Bloodlines) for Watch Dogs: Legion, with Aiden Pierce from Watch Dogs 1 and Rench from Watch Dogs 2 as the main characters. And closer to the final, developers implemented a rather unusual reference to the interactive teaser of the canceled Silent Hills โ€” P. T.

But spoilers will follow, so those wishing to go through the episode its worth closing the publication yourself. This is followed by Bloodlinesque spoilers mid-passing Aiden finds himself in a coma, and to bring him back to life nephew Jackson is sent to the avengers consciousness.

There, he learns that even decades later, Aiden continues to blame himself for his niece Lenas death โ€” she has become an edacic ghost for him. Jackson ends up at his childhood home from Chicago, which as the mission progresses, changes.

At a certain point, the hero begins to chase his sister, ending up in a shackled hallway โ€” literally a hallway from Hideo Kojimas P. T.

The developers have recreated the interior in detail, even implementing several frightening moments of the original. Theres a ticking clock, a ringing phone, a burst lamp, and the closing doors.

Notably, the girl sings the childrens song Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star โ€” she was heard both in the trailer of the first Dead Space and the game itself. Perhaps its another reference.

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