In “Doctor Strange 2 after Sam Raimis arrival, much remade “from scratch”

The screenwriter of the sequel Doctor Strange Michael Valdron said that after Scott Derrickson left the post of director, much had to be redone. According to the author, who previously created the series about Loki, in the process of filming the latter he got a call from Kevin Fighy and informed about Derricksons departure. And suggested the screenwriter work on the plot.

Because of the pandemic, there was more time that Waldron spent communicating with Sam Raimi, who took up the project. And according to Waldron, despite a certain basis of history that remained from the first authors, the project began to be redesigned from scratch.

Apparently, the vision of the picture will really be different from the original. In addition, in the network there was a concept art of the picture, which was allegedly handed to the participants of the shooting team.

In addition to the characters familiar to all, you can see America Chavez – another character from the comics, who will debut on the screen. The premiere of the film is scheduled for March 24, 2022.

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