In DOOM Eternal added microtransactions — although before the release promised not to

Bethesda released two sets of cosmetic equipment for DOOM Eternal, although even before the release promised no microtransactions in the shooter. Now two sets are available for purchase: “Unicorn” (359 rubles) – it was distributed on release to Prime subscribers on Twitch “First Series” (644 rubles) &mdash ; equipment that could be obtained for completing assignments during the first year. Here and the looks, and colors of weapons, and animations, and icons, and signs.

This is at odds with the promises of DOOM Eternal creative head Hugo Martin. “There will be no store in the game.

DOOM Eternal sells for $60. It‘s not a shareware or mobile game.

We give you a complete game without a store — everything you expect. You can unlock skins if you care, or you can completely ignore it.

It’s all free. ” Before that, in May last year, Bethesda released a set of The Rip and Tear (359 rubles) – it included cosmetic bonuses that received pre-ordered DOOM Eternal.

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