In Expeditions: Rome to kill the Greeks and return Rome

THQ Nordic introduced the turn-based role-playing game Expeditions: Rome is a โ€œsequelโ€ Expeditions: Viking and Expeditions: Conquistador from all the same developers from ; Logic Artists. Familiars with previous games studio already understand the essence of the project, but in short, then in the role of a young legate will conquer the territory, get into political intrigues and leave your mark on history. Cinematic trailer successfully โ€œspoileriteโ€ the whole game, so it is worth familiarizing with it first.

Gameplay project is a conversational RPG with turn-based battles, where players control several characters with unique skills at once. They can also change gear and pump.

Project release is expected at the end of the year only on PC. More on CCeit โ€œTime as Currentโ€ โ€” released trailer of the Returnal โ€œLet there always be the sunโ€ as the leitmotif of the trailer of the film adaptation โ€œWeโ€ Zamyatin New Russian Netflix for May โ€” Castlevania, โ€œLove.

Death. Robotsโ€ and others.