In Fallout, 76 Prepare to Celebrate Halloween and the Day Bombs Dropped

Fallout 76 announced that the game will host Halloween and Bombs Day celebrations next week, as well as additional events with nice rewards and discounts. On November, players will be able to take part in the hunt for the creepy griefers, which will be awarded legendary items and mysterious sweets that give boost. Another nice gift will be a creepy treat bag โ€” you can find items, cartridges or Halloween souvenirs inside.

take part in daily candy collection and treat challenges. Their execution will bring a lot of useful items, skins and S.

C. O.

R. E.

The day the bombs fall falls on October 23 โ€” on this occasion the developers have prepared great discounts on Fallout& 76 and Atomic Packs. From October 21 to 25, several more events will take place where players can earn more Legendary Certificates as well as take part in daily operations with increased difficulty to gain additional experience, currency, and legendary blocks.

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