In first reviews, Far Cry 6 is praised for spirit but scolded for self-repeats

Critics reviews of Far Cry 6 appeared on the network, which for the most part turned out to be restraint-positive. The game is currently rated 78% on OpenCritic based on 66 reviews and 76 to 82 on Metacritic, depending on the version: PC score 76 (16 reviews); PlayStation 5 score 76 (29 reviews); Xbox Series X โ€” 82 points (18 reviews). Mostly the authors call the same pros and cons โ€” Far Cry 6 seemed like a pretty good game to many that suffers too much of the old โ€œpainโ€ of the overloaded series content, weak antagonist, and so on.

If a player has the goal of simply entertaining himself, he will find a lot of good things in the project, especially if he has missed the latter parts. Far Cry 6 has a lot of different mechanics that can be explored and tested, and theres a lot of content in general.

Some also liked the local atmosphere and some elements of the story open world. The main problems are the lack of major changes to the Far Cry formula that havent happened since the triquel.

Some gameplay elements are so similar to previous games that individual reviewers instantly noticed them with the naked eye. The story with a villain played by Giancarlo Esposito was also rated not too highly โ€” to some it seemed worthy, but most often the authors note the predictability of the plot branch and The character itself.

There is more than one mention of the lost potential that the dictator story had โ€” but it was hindered by Ubisofts desire to โ€œsmooth the cornersโ€ so that the game could please literally to everyone. As a result, the sixth part, which could tell an ambiguous plot, prefers to move away from difficult topics.

Far Cry 6s release on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One takes place tomorrow, October 7. Far Cry 6 Review โ€” Stupo but Fun More on Gamemania The sixth patch for Baldurs Gate III will be the biggest in the projects history There will be an opportunity for S.

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